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Register Compass

Find Powerful Expiring Domains For Your BPN With Register Compass – 10 Step Guide

  1. Register For RegCompass.

Register Compass

To get started, you will also need to sign up. Sign up for Register Compass here to get started with powerful domains that will rank easily.

  1. Keyword Research

If you are looking for powerful domains, you will want to get the keywords that people look for in the domain name you end up acquiring. We recommend Keywords Everywhere Chrome Extension so you can see all the search terms related to your niche. We Would also recommend the Google Keyword planner tool to get rough estimates on the search numbers for your niche.


  1. Configure Your Domain Search

Domain Search

Configuring your search with the keyword you want included is how we can find the good domains. The domains we are looking for are usually .coms, .nets, .org, .info but you can use others if it is for a PBN.

We want publicly available domains that are on auction. We need to sign up with Go Daddy so that we can bid on and host our domains. If you are not signed up, you can do so here.

Next we want to probably make sure the DA or Domain Authority is above say 5-10.

Other items of importance:

Page Authority – Can signal the homepage’s trust

Moz Rank

Moz Trust

We can also ensure that it has been indexed with Google.

4 The we are ready to start looking at domains

SEO Configure Search

So we are now starting to see the domains we are after. Alexa Rank is where the site ranks in terms of traffic on the internet. The Lower the number the more traffic that domain generates, so you may want to sort by the ones with the most traffic.

  1. What I prefer to do is sort descending with Domain Authority.

You’ll be able to see the current bid price. The better the domains and the close we are to the end of the auction the higher the current bid will be.

We want to find a domain that catches our eye and move onto the next step.


  1. Checking the domain on Internet Archive:

Internet Archive - Way Back Machine

The next most logical step to take is see what the domain looked like back in time with the Internet archive: https://archive.org/web/

Once you have sussed out that it is a similar niche and the old content was good. You can start to see that this is a promising domain to put a bid on but we are not quite ready just yet. There are a few more things we would like the check.

  1. Majestic SEO

Majestic 3

We want to check the site out on Majestic SEO to see a number of things.

The Trust and Citation Scores we want to be close enough to each other.

We can also check out the websites backlink profile which will determine how the site ranks.

We can see the anchor text of the links. Make sure everything looks natural and if you appear to have a good number of backlinks it may be time to make your first bid.

  1. Check The Backlinks With Moz, SEM or A Hrefs


Check The Backlinks With Moz Pro Or SEM Rush Or A Hrefs you can check out the links that are coming in. We want reputable domains. You can see for this domain that the referring domains are quality and that this is a beautiful domain for rankings purposes.

  1. Placing Your Bid


Now that you are sure that this is the domain for you, you can go ahead and make you bid on go daddy.

Only put in what you are willing to pay for the domain and fingers crossed you will get it.

  1. Keep An Eye And Adjust Bids Where Necessary

Once the bid is placed you can keep an eye on everything from the Go Daddy dashboard.

If you bid is the winning bid, you will be asked to complete you purchase. The Domain Name Servers will take up to 7 days to transfer to your control so you need to wait and then set them correctly when that it is done. Once the DNS is all sorted you are ready to start putting your site together.

Wordpress Image

Top 10 Best Free WordPress Plugins 2019

When it comes WordPress, plugins are crucial to making your website perform optimally, have the functionality you require, be secure and load quickly.

In this guide, we are taking a look at 10 of the best plugins available for free on WordPress in 2019.

1. WP Smush

WP Smush

Nowadays, people want the information, they are looking for as quickly as possible. Slow loading pages are a big no-no, especially on mobile.
People also want the information to presented in an appealing manner with relevant images. These images can contain, info, charts or just look nice on the page.

Large images are a sure fire way of slowing down your loading pages. Stock Images can be extremely large files, so it is up to you to optimise them for the web.

Step up, WP Smush which automatically reduces the files sizes of your images and makes them load a lot quicker with out losing the quality of the image.

This is an easy win for WordPressers and it’s free.

2. Classic Editor

Classic Editor 1

Classic editor is pivotal for wordpress. Without an editor, your pages on the backend will be full of Shortcode content that you won’t understand and that’s very hard to update as you can’t see what will actually be rendering on the screen in the backend.

Classic editor gives you text editors as well as two pains. Visual and text. The text will contain the html code while the visual will contain how the page will render in someones browser.

If you see gobbledy gook in your pages on the backend when you go to edit, you need classic editor.

3. Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO

Ads for Show, SEO for Dough. While this certainly holds true in a lot of situations (not all), Having good SEO is how you build traffic for free.

Yoast SEO will guide you to this end, allowing you to enter a focus keyword and see how you will rank for it. Green, Orange or red star.

Don’t obsess about getting the green star. The most important things to focus on are the Meta Title and Meta Description.

This is how you tell Google what you want the page to rank for. Make sure The meta title contains the keyword that people are actually looking for.

4. Duplicator

Duplicate Page

As you get more advanced with wordpress, you will often need to create the same types of pages. (All you service pages will have the same layout etc.

Duplicator allows you to copy one to a new page as a draft. Change the name and URL and you have effectively copied the template from page to another.

Very effective for saving time.

5. File Manager

File Manager

Ever heard of FTP? If you have worked with any developers, you more than likely have. It’s how you get into the files in the background of your site.

File manager performs the same task, allowing you or your developers to change any background files right there in wordpress.

This is more advance so dont go playing with this unless you know what you are doing.

6. Image Replace

Replace Image

As your site gets bigger, you may be using the same image in a number of different places. If you fancy changing this image, it might be a few hours work doing it in the backend.

Instead, you can just replace the image once with this handy plugin and you are done.

7. Wordfence


Security is paramount to maintaining your website. Plenty of hackers and malicious actors will be more than happy to steal your information or infect your website with a virus.

Wordfence gives you tons of options for blocking, limiting and restricting access to your site as a whole or even certain actions like locking a user out after a number of failed log in attempts.

8. Updraft

Updraft Plus Plugin

Take a backup of your site and download to your computer or send it straight to the cloud. This handy plugin can do just that.

Your hosting company should keep back ups for you, but even still it is prudent to keep copy yourself somewhere completely unrelated, should worst come to worst.

Check out Updraft for this.

9. All In One Migration

All in One Migration

Need to move your site from one domain to another. There a few tools out there to do this and All In One Migrator is one of the best.

Give this a try if you ever need to move a website.

10. W3 Cache

W3 Cache

W3 Cache, preloads all the content on your page so when a user visits the page opens as quickly as possible. Fast loading times are essential to a low bounce rate
and an engaged audience.

Youtube Printful Cover Image

Printful is a high End Print On Demand service that makes it easy for you to design T-shirts, hats, mgs and much more without having to deal with the customer. You take the customers money Printful take their share and you keep the profit. Printful then prints up the t-shirt and sends it to the customer, it couldn’t be much more straight forward when you get it up and running. Printful will also deal with any returns for the business. Having taken a Printful store from $0 – $4,000, I’ve picked up a lot of tips, tactics, techniques and strategies that can help you to achieve your passive income goals with Printful in 2019.

Click Here To Sign Up For Printful Now.

Can You Make Money With Printful?

Yes you certainly can. Is it easy? It’s not that easy to be successful but with the right tips and strategies you have a good chance of making profit.

Signing up for printful. “A Journey of a million miles begins with a single step”. Signing up for Printful was the first step I took into generating 2k per month in passive income profit. My current site isn’t my first Print On Demand attempt so I have come through failure to bring you this guide. The truth is that it is a difficult process because you need to acquire a customer for the fewest possible dollars and you probably need to upsell them to make it as profitable as possible.

The First Step To Success In Any Endeavour Is To Actually Sign Up For The Platform.

Click Here To Sign Up For Printful Now.

Payment processors like Pay Pal, Shopify and Stripe will always want to take their share so unless you’ve got alternative strategies, you should probably factor those in as well. You should be probably aiming for $10 – $13 plus profit per product.

To sell on Printful you will need a website, a website can be made using WordPress or Shopify. Shopify looks after a lot of the nitty gritty details for you in a monthly price so if you are a beginner, Shopify is probably your best bet.

If you are more experienced or want to hire a developer, you can find one on Upwork or 5iver.

I will presume that if you are reading this article you have already got the website up and running but if not, lets have a quick look at two of the main platforms you can use to host your Printful store.

Printful With Shopify

Shopify is a beginners dream as it takes care of a lot of issues that you are facing when setting up an ecommerce store. It looks after a lot of the nitty gritty from keeping you site secure, to hosting, to designs, abandoned cart emails, getting your domain name and much more. Shopify does charge a monthly fee but you would have to pay for a lot of those things with WordPress as well separately.

Shopify comes with a lot of free themes that you can use and you can also buy professional themes which are also quit expensive. All in all, Shopify looks after a whole lot of the technical stuff allowing you to get on with the business of running a business, but it comes with a cost. Shopify has its payment system as well allowing you to get paid straight into your bank account.

The basic Shopfiy plan is costing $29 at the moment but there are also plans at $79 and $299 for large enterprises and if you only have 1 site, the basic plan is always good enough top start and can be upgraded at a later date.

WordPress With WooCommerce

With Shopify sounds great to some, to others, they don’t like to give away that much control over there website and like to take things into their own hands with a wordpress website. WordPress is the most popular content management system in the world with almost all the worlds biggest companies using WordPress. WordPress woocommerce and Printful all connect with each other effortlessly through plugins. Shopify and WordPress both use plugins but most of the WordPress versions are free or have free versions to give your website extra functionality.

WordPress comes with Themes which are available for free and on Theme Forest for premium themes which I would recommend. With WordPress, you need to look after everything yourself from hosting to, to security, to ssl certs to payment processers like Stripe and Pay Pal who will allow you to take payments. WordPress is for more advanced users and it is a lot more work and it is more of an open source solution.

Both have their advantages and disadvantages so it is up to which one suits you best which I think is always Shopify for beginners.

Is Printful Free:

Yes, printful is technically free in that there are no monthly fees but Printful takes their money first from any new orders that come in allowing them to ensure they always make their money from every sale. Printful works as a partner for you and the quality of there products, the quality of the delivery service is second to none. If you haven’t signed up for Prinftul you can do so here. 100% of the people who are successful for Printful have followed this step:

Sign Up For Printful Now.

Now That The First Step of Signing Up Is Over, Lets Look At The Dashboard.

You should see something like this

Printful Dashboard


This is where you will see any orders that have come in and if an order fails for any reason you can push it through from that screen and you can also check any orders when you get queries from customers regarding shipping. You will also notice the Red New Order Button in the top right hand corner, here you can create new orders manually if anything goes wrong with the synching to your platform.

File Library:

This is where your files are going to sit. We will come back to this soon when we are discussing how to get our designs onto the item using the Mockup Generator.


This is where you are going to find your stores. You can multiple different stores on Shopify, WordPress, Amazon and many more. You can see which designs are synched to which stores and control all the information related to each store in there.

The Billing Area:

The Billing Area is important as this is where the money will come from when a new order comes in on your store. You can use a credit card to be billed every time or you can fill up the wallet.

If you load money into the wallet, Printful will automatically take the money from the wallet before going to the next payment method on the account which will usually be your credit card.

The Printful wallet works especially well with Paypal. When an order comes in and the money has gone into Paypal, you can use that money at put it back in the wallet so there is no money coming out of your bank account.


This is where you can see how you are performing with your store.


This is where you can see any inventory you have, service details, shipping, pricing etc. Check this section out to resolve any issues and keep your site ticking along.

Affiliate Section:

Printful have a very good affiliate program where they pay 10% of every order for 10 months if they sign up through your affiliate link. Very attractive indeed.


There is plenty of settings in here for you to play around with relating to your store, orders returns and much more.

Best Case Scenario

You already have an audience. If you already have an engaged email list, this can certainly work in your favour. Being able to engage with an audience you have already built up is a key advantage that can drive sales for your product because you can have the best products in the world but if no one sees it, did it really even happen?

Picking A Niche

Picking a niche is a key determining factor in whether or not you are going to be successful in your quest to be Print On Demand specialist. Two key questions you need to ask about the niche is this: Are people really passionate about the subject? Are they willing to buy high end products related to this subject? If the answer you yes, you may want to check that your hunches are right with Google Keyword Planner tool. This will show you whether people are actually searching for t-shirts with your topic.

Once you have a come up with your idea it is time to get to work.

There are two major parts to being successful on Printful.

  1. Designing Great Products
  2. Getting Them In Front Of The Right People

Designing Great Products:

The next thing you need to consider is Designs, if you have them already great but if you need to get your designs made I have a couple of tips:

Look at designs on stock image websites:

Browsing around on stock image sites like Adobe Stock or Shutterstock can lead to you getting inspiration for a design or even buying a commercial license to printing and selling them.

Search around websites that sell items similar to yours and see what tips you can get from them and when you are ready, you can create the designs yourself if you haven’t purchased stock images. You could us Photoshop and Illustrator or you could hire an expert on Upwork to create quality designs for you. The designs have to be really good to come out well when printed so you kind of have to know what you are doing when it comes to the Art Work.

The Printful Mockup Generator

This is where the fun starts. Once you visit your store on Printful and click add product, you will see the impressive of array of products you have to choose from. There are T-shirts, Hats, Mugs, Products for the home, Kids and a lot more where that came from.

Designing Great Products

Your product designs should be transparent PNG files that large sizes of around 5000 px by 5000px to come out perfectly on the product. When you create a new design, and add it to a product, you can ship it to your home for a fraction of the price to make sure it is good to go on the website and be sold.

When it comes to hats, they can be embroidered and there are strict guidelines around the types of designs that can be used. There are different embroidery options as well and they have different costs, so that is also worth keeping in mind. The is one time fee for any new design that is to be printed on a hat. It sounds daunting, but having been through it, it is straight forward enough when you know the rules.

Once your product is ready to be shipped to the customer, you can synch it to your store and it will move straight over to Amazon on your website.

The second part is arguably the most important and that is getting the product in front of your customers and selling it to them and there are a number of ways we can do that.


So, we already have an email list, that’s awesome. We need to set up an email series that will draw the people to look at and buy your products. You want to drip the emails in 4 parts.

Day 1

Introduce Them To The Product With A Story And An Offer

Day 2

Remind Them That The Offer Is Still On The Table

Day 3

Reinforce The Offer With Scarcity – “78/100 are gone, get yours today”

Day 4

Inform The Customer That This is the last time you will mention this offer to them and to go an get it now.

I find this series works very well, especially if they hold you in good stead already.



This is free organic traffic from Google, Youtube, Pinterest, Bing etc.

Traffic that lands up on your site. If you can get to page 1 for Cat T-Shirts for sale and you have a quality site with good products, that SEO will work well for you. Getting traffic for free through these platforms always has the best returns.

If you already have a website with a lot of traffic, that is related to the niche, that is perfect. You can sign up


If you have a large following of passionate fans on Youtube then this can be the perfect place to put your products in front of your fans. Youtube Ads can also be a great way of getting more traffic onto your pages and offers if you target videos in the exact Niche you are in.

Google Ads

Google Ads can be very helpful in getting quality traffic to your website. You tell Google the keywords you want to show up and they will put you at the top of page 1 for a small fee every time a user clicks on your Ad. You need to have good profit margins with Printful to make Google Ads work for your Print On Demand business.

Google Shopping Ads are also helpful. They show pictures and price of your product with star ratings allowing a user to click on and visit your website. Having your website designed in a way that maximises Conversions and upsells customers once they make an initial purchase.


When a user gets done with their purchase, we will direct them to another page where we will offer them another product at a discount. By offering the extra product you can turn your profit for $10 – $13 per sale to $20 – $26 per sale and that can make all the difference to whether you will be successful or not.


Pinterest can be an amazing tool for driven content and relevant links back to your website. Post useful information for your target market, get involved with the community, show off your designs and hopefully growing your profits at the same time.


Facebook ads are not an easy skill to master but if we persist in our efforts we can certainly be successful over time. Do we send our customers to a landing page maybe on Clickfunnels and get them to buy through there or do we sell right there on Facebook. Do we take them to our Woocommerce or Shopify store.

If we can get our Facebook Ads to produce customers, the pixel will know everything about the people that are buying and we can scale our Ads to the moon if we are successful with Facebook. As with anything, the ard part is starting and is also easy to lose money on Facebook Ads so it might be worth taking a course in them before you start.

So now you have your store, with traffic make sure you are measuring the conversions in Analytics so you can get a good picture about what is going on with visitors and how they are engaging with your website.